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RC365 Mastercard

RC365 Mastercard Service offers an alternative method of cash payment that you can enjoy during your journey across the world. The program is a smarter and safer way of experiencing a combination of spending and withdrawal tool.

RC365 Mastercard HKD.png

RC365 Mastercard 7 Day Pass

  • Apply in 5 mins

  • Mastercard® Contactless

  • Universal Acceptance

  • Support HKD

  • No Credit Check Required

  • Real Time Tracking on RC 2.5

Mastercard Prepaid Card

RC365 Mastercard

  • Mastercard® Contactless

  • Universal Acceptance

  • Support USD & HKD

  • No Credit Check Required

  • High Security

  • Real Time Tracking on RC 2.5

Strengthen your Payments with RC 2.5

✓ Order your New Cards

You can order your brand new cards easily through RC 2.5.

✓ Smart & Fast Deposit

You can complete the deposit process in just 5 minutes.

✓ Borderless Mastercard

RC365 Mastercard are issued by Mastercard, which means they can be used for payments wherever Mastercard payments are accepted.

✓ High Security

All RC365 Mastercard can be locked and unlocked using RC 2.5, which enhances the card security.

Handling your RC365 Mastercard

✓   Real Time Tracking

With RC 2.5, you can track your transactions and manage your budget effectively.

Manage Card USD.png
Manage Card HKD.png

✓   Online Customer Services Chatbox

We provide 1-to-1 assistance to help you with any issues related to your cards.

Pay with your Smartphone

RC365 Mastercard support Apple Pay and Google Pay for contactless payment with 12 major popular currencies*. You can use the RC365 Mastercard anywhere.


Pay with your Smartphone
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