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Prepaid Card Service 
Safer & Smarter way of cash alternative

RCPAY Limited (RCPAY), headquartered in Hong Kong,  holds MSO and FCA exchange and remittances license in both Hong Kong and Uinted Kingdom to offer money exchange services to merchants and partners.

Our branches are set up across Asia Pacific, including Hong Kong (HQ), Taiwan, Singapore, Macau, and South Korea.

Our strategic plan of continued expansion to other Asia Pacific countries and Europe zone, is based on where the business needs and opportunities land.


Travel further with our Prepaid Card Solution 

Prepaid card service offers an alternative method of cash payment that you can enjoy during your journey across the world. The program is a smarter & safer way of experiencing a combination of spending and withdrawal tool.

Benefits of using prepaid cards

From Business Perspective

RC PAY can help businesses understand their options for exploring alternatives.

 - Control budgets and set hard spending limits

 - Record Tracking 

 - Lower risk of cash carriage 

From Consumer Perspective

 - Consumer prepaid applications include:

 - Travel Pocket Money

 - Bank account replacement

 - Budget control

 - Wages

Who Are We

Who Are We

RCPAY Limited (RCPAY), holds MSO exchange and remittances license to provide prepaid card services only for Hong Kong.

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